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MenWalkTalk Champions

The role of a MenWalkTalk Champion is to facilitate walking groups, supporting people to access the mental wellbeing benefits of walking, remove stigma and get people talking about mental health.

Champions will not be expected to provide mental health support in this role, but they will be provided with resources that can be discussed to inform participants of self-care strategies as well as details of where to signpost people for professional support with their mental health. Once appointed, MenWalkTalk Champions are provided with guidance and advice to support them in the role along with support with any transference.

MenWalkTalk Champions will:

➢ Be nominated and appointed by MenWalkTalk and act on their behalf.

➢ Have lived experience of a mental health problem, either personally or from a close relative or friend.

➢ Have an open and non-judgmental attitude.

➢ Adopt a positive, patient and supportive approach towards supporting people with mental health problems.

➢ Be a positive role model.

➢ Behave in a professional, confidential and non-discriminatory manner at all times and promote equal opportunities for all.

Along with any other MenWalkTalk Champions, they will:

➢ Support MenWalkTalk campaigns and register an organised walk for each event

➢ Provide crisis contacts to their group(s)

➢ Be a point of contact for anyone experiencing mental health problems to join their group(s)

➢ Encourage and promote conversations about mental health

➢ Make links with mental health organisations in their local community

➢ Actively promote the mental wellbeing benefits of walking

What MenWalkTalk Champions do:

We ask MenWalkTalk Champions to consider doing some or all of the following, but how much time and exactly which parts they do is up to them and the group they are leading.

The role of the MenWalkTalk Champion includes:

1. Supporting. Working with other people in their group to proactively support the mental wellbeing of group participants.

2. Engaging. Making links between their group with local mental health groups and organisations and encourage their members to start walking too.

3. Tweeting. Posting on their social media accounts, using #MenWalkTalk particularly during campaign periods.

4. Sharing. Sharing social media posts from MenWalkTalk, Mind and other Mental Health Champions using #MenWalkTalk.

5. Talking. - Starting conversations about mental health with other group participants. - Sharing good news stories in your social media accounts to get people talking/sharing the word.

6. Advocating. Sharing guidance and information provided by MenWalkTalk with group participants and others about mental health issues related to walking.

7. Volunteering. Getting involved and actively participating in wider volunteer opportunities to support people experiencing mental health problems to start walking.

The role of MenWalkTalk Champion is flexible, you may only be able to commit to offering a group once a month, this is okay, as long as it can be the same day/time each month. We understand that some people may be able to offer evenings, others may be able to offer weekends. We want our Champions to take ownership of this as long as it works for you and the participants who attend.

Location: A walking route in your local area. Public spaces only.

Our aim is to one day have a MenWalkTalk Champion, offering a MenWalkTalk group, monthly, in every county across England so that people experiencing mental health problems can access the benefits of walking in a supported way.

What skills do I need?

Communication Skills

Local Knowledge


Risk Assessment

First Aid

Managing Crisis



  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Events and stewarding
  • Mental Health


  • Advice and Information
  • Caring and Helping People
  • Fundraising


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When can I volunteer?

Start Date: 04/01/2021

End Date: 01/04/2022

Slot Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning No No No No No No No
Afternoon No No No No No No No
Evening No No No No No No No

Availability Details

As and when is suitable for walk leader and the need for the community.


This opportunity is available Countywide.

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